Five Truths About Place Branding

In towns and regions all around the North Bay, The Idea Cooperative has pioneered a fresh approach to destination marketing. By telling the stories that reveal something deeper, more authentic and interesting about a place, we help communities rally around an inspiring vision that not only promotes tourism, but helps spur local entrepreneurial energy and economic vitality.

Everywhere is not
for everybody.

Don’t be afraid to appeal
to a certain kind of person.

Nobody wants to
be a tourist.

Show people the real place,
not the tour guide version.

Engage the natives.

Tell stories of, by and for
the locals to show
a sense of community.

Heads in beds
isn’t everything.

A well-branded place
creates its own

Become the place
you would visit.

Brand your place
but stay true to it.

Shelter In Place Branding

It seems like just a few weeks ago (because it was), The Idea Cooperative was pioneering a fresh approach to destination marketing. But what happens when the challenge changes from “How do we get people to visit?” to “How do we maintain something worth visiting?” Here’s how we’re helping places weather the pandemic.

Become a local

Create the go-to resource for supporting
local arts & businesses.

Build on
the brand.

Stay with the big idea that your
community has rallied around.


Be a constant
reminder of the value
of buying local.

Keep it

Tell the stories
of the people behind
the storefronts.

Think post

Create something
people will always
want to use.