A Note About Post-Pandemic
Place Branding

Dare we say, people are finally, joyfully, looking forward to traveling again. And so, here at The Idea Cooperative, we’re helping our destination-focused clients stay one step ahead. On our Place Branding page we’ve offered some tips and truths about attracting visitors and keeping communities vibrant. But, if your town or region wants to capitalize on the coming travel boom, contact us today. We’d be happy to share creative strategies for engaging larger audiences, attracting more visitors and supporting local businesses.

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A creative consortium of strategists, storytellers, imagists, artists, makers and doers.


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Honest, beautiful, moving and, most importantly, effective marketing communications.


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Truth sells, laughing matters, working together works best, and our real product is relationships.


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Particularly to calls for cocktails and meetings with people looking to make a positive difference.


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In creating communities that do great things.

"It has been an eye-opening and creativity-opening experience working with The Idea Cooperative."

— Raissa De La Rosa, City of Santa Rosa