The Idea

Life Changing.

Sonoma County Probation Department offers the invaluable public service of bringing positive change to people and communities.


She said “thank you” to the judge. That’s how we knew our work was a success. Here at the Sonoma County Probation Department, our first job is creating an environment for our clientsto change. To change their behavior and, in the process, change their expectations about what’s possiblefor themselves. In our dual role providing both enforcement and counseling, we surround our clients withsupport services that offer a path towards personal restoration and accountability. And yet, the lives ofpeople in our care aren’t the only things we work to change. We strive to effect positive change infamilies, in the lives of victims, and in perceptions about local criminal and juvenile justice systems. But,most importantly, we make real and important changes in the health and safety of the communities weserve.She said thank you to the judge because someone was there to help her change. Someone cared, andlistened, and is helping her discover the best version of herself. Changing lives, reducing crime andrestoring community, that’s how the Probation Department serves all the people of Sonoma County.