The Idea

The Front Lines of Forest Health

In a state understandably traumatized by the dread and devastation caused by wildfire, the Task Force can offer Californians something invaluable.

A welcome sense of relief.

The knowledge that we, as a state, have banded together to make real, tangible progress against many of the most pressing issues facing our communities. The reassurance that we’ve assembled a response structure commensurate in scope and scale to the threat. The confidence that comes from knowing there’s a powerful force that’s up to the task of making us all safer. A force that’s also working to preserve the natural environment we cherish so much and protect the vulnerable communities that face the greatest risks.


How do you respond to a force of nature? That’s the unique challenge facing California at the moment as a near perfect storm of climatic and human-caused conditions have brought the threat of devastating wildfire and its far-reaching effects to the doorstep of nearly everyone in our state, and beyond. In a response commensurate to the challenge, the California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force has brought together an unprecedented coalition of the best available resources on the front lines of preventing catastrophic wildfires by creating healthier, more sustainable natural environments. It’s a comprehensive, coordinated approach that goes to the heart of the full range of challenges we face. It’s an all-hands-on-deck, proactive effort that is already showing progress in protecting people and property while improving the health and resiliency of the forests we love and rely on for a sustainable future. There’s a role for everybody to do their part, so we hope you’ll join us on this journey to transformhow we safely and sustainably coexist with fire.