The Idea

The chefs serve.
The winemakers pour.
And the proceeds matter. 

If wine and food is your religion, this event is your mecca.
We rebranded Wine Country Weekend to position it as one of the country’s premier food and wine events,
but with a distinctly Sonoma sense of personality and style.

 The Mantra

The first thing you’re likely to notice at Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is the decided lack of distance between you and the people who grow and make some of the world’s most amazing wine and food.
In fact, you’ll swear they’re all trying their best to impress you. And you’d be right.
For three delicious, decadent days, you’ll experience, up and close and personal, Sonoma’s full bounty of flavors. Rub shoulders with winegrowers and makers from the pioneers to the rising stars. Offer your compliments to the chefs, both acclaimed and up-and-coming. In person. Then, if you’re not pampered enough already, take comfort in the knowledge that all proceeds go to worthy causes supporting the children, environment and health of the Sonoma County Community.

Photography by:
Paige Green Photography