The Idea

With You.

For over 150 years Faribault products have been made in America at the intersection of rugged durability and timeless style. As functional as they are attractive, each one is crafted to be a part of people’s lives for generations.


It wouldn’t be like us to brag. But, at the Faribault Woolen Mill Company, we’re incredibly proud of what we make. Even if we’re really just following in the footsteps of people who started crafting high-quality wool blankets over 150 years ago. We’re proud of how they’re made – crafted to look good, feel great and work hard for the people who use them. We’re proud of where they’re made, in a place committed to proving the quality and staying power of American manufacturing. And we’re proud to know that people find comfort in our products – in the timeless style, the functional durability and general usefulness. Each one is made to last, and add comfort to, a lifetime. Which is why we’re probably most proud of how many people have handed their Faribault products on for others to use and enjoy for generations.