The Idea

Big Differences. Made Here.

By knowing Sonoma County’s most pressing needs and offering a wide range of charitable options for addressing them, Sonoma County Community Foundation ensures that every gift has the greatest possible local impact.


Sometimes, it takes more than a village. To rally a community around its most pressing environmental and social needs, it also takes hard work, a lot of local knowledge, a good amount of connecting people and organizations, and a deep belief in the values that foster a fair and just community.
As a hub of philanthropy for over forty years, Community Foundation Sonoma County excels at understanding our county’s most pressing needs. With that local knowledge, we bring together the passion and generosity of our donors with the good work of local non-profits to better the lives of everyone in Sonoma County. Now, and into the future. That’s how we’re able to help make those big differences. Here, in the place we live and love.