We're On Board

Here at The Idea Cooperative, we’re all in on Sonoma Marin Area Regional Transit. We opened our agency in Petaluma when SMART started running in 2018. That decision was made, in no small part, because our bike-commuting President could then ride to the train from his home in San Anselmo.
But our passion for SMART goes well beyond that.
We’re into the societal and environmental benefits of taking cars off the road.
We’re into the mental and physical health that comes with conscious commuting.
We’re into moving towards a more sustainable and equitable transportation infrastructure.
And we’re up to the task of helping SMART grow both its ridership and awareness of its value to our community.
We’ve been thinking about creative ways to help SMART, and we’d love to share them with you.
If you’re up for learning more, please email tomk@theideacooperative.com, call 707-596-3982 or click the contact link here on our site.