The Idea

The Cows Make It.

 Turns out, our friends out at Point Reyes don’t make cheese.
Cheese is made in their pastures of wild, natural grasses by incredibly healthy cows.
To connect people to the cheese, we bring people to the farm.

The Mantra:

Here at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company, we don’t make cheese. That is to say, we don’t believe that great cheese is made by people. For us, it’s made in the pastures. It’s in the natural grasses and cool ocean breezes on our Marin County ranch. It’s made by healthy, pampered and well-fed cattle that we raise individually through their entire lives. It’s made by hand, by artisan craftspeople. So, if you’re as passionate about cheese as we are, we invite you to explore all there is to discover and savor about Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company.